When we develop a website right from the scratch, this process begins with Web Design. In the process of Web Design we conceptualise the whole website, based on which we design the layout, add graphics, colors, font and the required content to the web pages.

Besides making the website visually appealing, the team at EDSPL ensures user friendliness and provide an experience that remains in the mind of the visitor for long. This is attained by having efficient navigation, advanced technology, compatibility and by making it interactive.


Our web design begins with designing in PSD file (Photoshop format) as this can be used to build the css code with ease.
The layers are grouped accordingly so that one can get back and make changes, whenever required. The PSD designs enable the client to visualize exactly how the website would look, before getting into the web development process.


Static web pages are those, which remain constant and unchanged. These types of websites are helpful when the client doesn’t want to change the information for a long time. These are quick to develop and static websites come in handy when it’s required only for a short period of time.
The only way to update content on a static HTML website is when the web developer updates and publishes the file.


Dynamic web pages come in handy when the nature of the website requires it to be updated regularly, be it content wise or other media. Dynamic website is used mainly by websites selling goods and services online are all dynamic website.
Other instances when a website needs to be dynamic are, when a company requires offering services such as user accounts, have discussions, provide different content based on user or give access to multiple people to edit the website.


Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an innovative approach to website by the designer. It is aimed to enhance the user experience by providing an optimal viewing experience in terms of reading, navigating, resizing, panning and scrolling across devices that range from a desktop to a mobile phone.


CMS Website is one of the web application that allows the user (owner of the website) to make edits in the website easily. A person can easily update content without having any knowledge of HTML. CMS is one of the best applications to handle complex websites. It also helps to enable the website payment gateway integration to receive payments online.