Web Development

Earlier businesses were operated via desktop applications, but as the time is flying, technology has brought turning points in all of our lives and everything has gone on web, which makes everything easy accessible from any place at any point of time. Web development incepts from an organization’s Website, which is considered as the face of any kind of organization and describes its history, offerings, services, physical address, etc. and leads to its enterprise-level Web-based Applications which could be used internally and by their partners as well, for the ease of automation in decision making, analytics, recording day-to-day activities and various other tasks which minimizes the need of paper and manual work.

At EDSPL, we help you to convert your business needs or already built systems into scalable and as per the market trends: Web-based applications or portals which may help to achieve the organization goals efficiently and also staying aligned with your competitors. We can also help you in advertising your business by designing exquisite website with its presence in social media. We possess hand on experience with web technologies like .NET, JAVA, PHP and some of the well-known open source frameworks.


The .NET platform enables more rapid development and deployment of software applications and services, ensures security and eases the integration of legacy systems with new ones. The Microsoft vision is that the web services programming model will fuel the next revolution in computing.
EDSPL provides an evolutionary path towards the adoption of the .NET platform by providing you with architectural solutions and implementation guidelines for leveraging existing applications and boosting developer productivity.


PHP is world’s most used, tested and preferred open source platform that has supported millions of websites. Some of the world’s busiest and websites runs on PHP Framework. PHP framework is base of many existing platforms such as Magento and Ex-cart, PHP is extremely flexible and robust that offers developers opportunities to develop websites and PHP platforms.
EDSPL is a leading company in open source technology and PHP is our core competency.PHP development services in India we offer multitude of services and solution. Our skills come from numerous projects from various clients across the world.